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Youth Foundation AHA Region 9, Inc. strives to provide monetary assistance for graduate education of select youths within Region Nine. We do this to preserve and pass on the heritage of the Arabian Horse through our fund raising activities. We seek to be the educational foundation for future generations of Arabian Horse ambassadors.

If you would like our organization to consider you for a scholarship please do the following: 

     •  Print and review the scholarship form located at the 
         bottom of this page.

     •  Review the Eligibility segment of the form to ensure
         that you qualify for a scholarship.

     •  Fill out and submit a completed Scholarship Form;
         as well as, all items listed under the Application
         segment of the form.
Mail your application to
Sandy Bentley
P.O. Box 505
Tioga, TX  76271

NOTE: All required documents must be submitted along
with your application in order for your application to be
considered during the selection process.

Scholarhip Form:
You can download a printable version of our Scholarship Form by clicking the link below.

137.1 KB

This document requires Adobe Reader. Please use the link below to visit Adobe's website to download the most recent version of Adobe Reader.