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Hello and Welcome!

The Youth Foundation (YF) is happy that you have chosen to visit our website!  We would like to give you a bit of information.  YF began in the late 1980's to raise funds for scholarships to be awarded to deserving youth of our extended region.   Funds are raised each year at the Region 9 Championship Show and are combined with all other fund raisers to establish each year's award amounts for scholarships.  Over the interveneing years YF has awarded over $350,000 to the youth of Region 9!  Their degree plans have covered the range of imagination--from doctors to veterinarians, accountants to lawyers, politicians to horse trainers.  We don't decide what they are to become, only that they get assistance in pursuing their dreams.

   Youth Foundation is now a 501c(3) charitable organization recognized by the Internal Revenue Servcie.  All donations made directly to YF benefit the scholarship fund and are tax deductible for the donors.  We are all winners.  We invite you to view each of the pages in our website and learn more about what is happening.

   One of the pages "How to Donate" shows some of the ways donations can be made.  Some are immediate donations, some are in the area of estate planning.  Our goal is to not only help students but to be able to fund full scholarships in the future.  To reach that goal we need YOUR help.  The only expenses of YF are for scholarships and promotion activities.  Our Board of Directors are all volunteers who give freely of our time and efforts.  We invite you to get involved.  If you have ideas of how to increase funding we welcome your input.  You will find a list of officers and contact information on one of the website pages.  Please approach any of us--in person, via e-mail, a phone call or vist us at the Region 9 Championship Show in May.  Your ideas will be advanced to our entire board for consideration.

   Once again, thank you for visiting our website.  I hope you have time to review all the pages, if not on this visit come back to see us again soon.  Keep us in your thoughts and help us help our youth.  Look around you at the next horse show.  How many youths do you see?  How many of them do you think should continue their education?  Are there any of them that you feel should not have an opportunity to pursue their dreams?  Of course not!  Join us and enjoy watching the youth benefit from our work and follow their dreams!

Cynthia Savage
YF President